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    Thanks for this… we need to do even more!!!

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    Think of the lesson from the person with no shoes seeing one with no feet. Every time I stub my toe I think, “An accident must hurt and scar umpteen times more, so grin and bear it!”

    Yes, it is sad and unforgivable that so many do not use seat belts. Their vehicles become catapults – with their beloved the shot.

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    I am glad that this was posted on the Arrive Alive website today, as it feels to me that the problem is actually getting worse since I addressed it last time. I still walk my daughter to school every day and am sad to say that I might actually give up on this as it seems parents are not listening. One person posted a reply on my previous letter and… Read More blamed the car manufacturers for this problem. A long time ago I bought a padded thing that one can put over the seatbelt to bring it together so that it’s not in the child’s face. AA sells them. THERE IS JUST NO EXCUSE. IT SEEMS TO ME THAT LEARNING THE HARD WAY IS THE ONLY WAY. Kudos to ER who did an advert on TV about this problem. But I only saw it one time and never again after that. What else can be done?

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