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    Bernhard Becker

    I would like to have a meeting with the minister to discuss certain aspects of the road freight industry which should be made to; A) Increase safety of trucking on all roads.
    B) Will create many new jobs in the industry.
    C)Truck drivers will not be exploited to work a
    eighteen to twenty hour day
    The other discussion is to discuss the movements of freight along national routes.
    This discussion can also lead to formulating a new law around the movement of freight within South Africa.

    The last point of my discussion is about the taxi industry and how government could increase revenue collection from this industry as well as create new jobs in the process.

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    Doep du Plooy


    I herewith refer to the new Demerit System for all Traffic Violations witch is to be implemented in 2010.

    I would appreciate it if your office could supply me with the correct detailed information, regarding the overload of trucks.

    The following is the reason for my request:

    Should any truck be caught for overloading, it is my understanding that the Demerits would be towards the driver’s license.

    Should this be the case, it would be my suggestion that in the case of overloading of a truck the supplier, of the product in transit, should be charged in the same manner as the driver.


    A load of bricks with the capacity of 30 tons per tri-axle has to be transported from the supplier to the customer.

    The first truck arriving at the supplier, would 99.9% of the time actually be the truck to pick up the load. Should the operator inform the supplier that the load exceeds his load capacity, he will be told to fall back in line and wait for another load. And the load in question will be given to the first truck, prepared to take the risk of being caught for overloading. (Please keep in mind that majority of drivers are paid by the load.) This result is that the driver, wanting to load according to his lawful capacity, will be disadvantaged due to the fact that he is obeying the law.

    Very few factories are equipped with weighbridges, where the drivers can actually check the weight of the loads, to be transported. Drivers usually have to rely on the assurance of the suppliers.

    I suggest that factories, releasing more than eight loads per week, should be obligated to install the necessary equipment to enable all transporters to weigh their loads, prior to leaving the premises, assuring they are lawfully loaded.

    This suggested system will insure that orders are correctly placed, according to quantities and weight, enabling proper planning from the transporter’s side.

    If the suppliers are also held responsible for the weight of loads, to be transported to their customers, the responsibility would automatically be shifted from the driver to the supplier. All drivers will have equalty in loads to be transported.

    The result of such a regulation would prevent more drivers from ending up with suspended licenses, causing them to loose the only positions they were ever qualified to do, resulting in an increase in the high poverty statistics in our country. It is my concern that the majority of these drivers are the main breadwinners of their dependents.

    I do agree that we should enforce a new law but we will have to target the right offenders, not the poor and innocent.

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    Good afternoon,

    I was referred to the Minister by Mrs Mashaba (Polokwane Transport Dept) 015-2951075 regarding my complaint. I paid the licence registration for my car last week on the 28th Jan’10 and the expiry date that was written is 31 Dec’10. My problem is with the expiry date which to me is below a year (365days) of which the licence is supposed to last. I see that there are 28 days that were not included in the period that I paid for it.

    Is this correct and if not can this licence disc be changed to reflect the full 12 months? My vehicle register number is: MKR299W.

    I can be contacted at 0837627846 / 015-7802951(w).


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    sibongile lindokuhle masondo

    honourable minister dr sbu i am a student at university of zululand and i’ve been trying to get on hold to you since from last year till today but your PA refuse the communication between you and me it very crucial i even exlain to Sibongile why I need your attention please dr ploease respond to this number 0769595179

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