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    dave willis

    Good day

    I live in a road with a tarred surface, with plus minus 20 houses.
    Children of 7-8-9 years of age a barreling up and down this short road on 4 wheeled motorised type quad bikes,causing a general noise disturbance, the primary cause of this comment.

    However, more importantly, there appears to be no definitive
    legislated law against such behaviour, and particularly so regarding children, say under 16 years of age, whose parents it appears seem to think these quad bikes are toys, whether on a public road or not, let alone the potential danger for their children and or anyone else thereabout.

    Shouldn’t there be definitive legislation against the use of quadbikes, no matter their cc power capacity. I have Googled the subject and still not found any laid down definitive laws
    against the behaviour mentioned?

    Best Regards

    Dave Willis

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    There fore, based on the the article, quads may not use the public road for more than 1km.

    However, if comply with all requirements, than can be registered for road usage.



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