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    A Joubert


    On what date will the demerit system be implmented?

    A Joubert

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    This will only be next year..will keep readers updated!

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    When the De-Merit system starts how many points do we begin with?

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    I received an infringement notice yesterday for a minor offence but the office wrote on it that I will recieve 1 demerit. However, I keep reading that the system is not in place yet, but AARTO site and document says that the point will be awarded when I pay the fine… So what do I believe??

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    How exactly will it work?

    Do I start with 0 points and “earn” points for infringements?
    Or do I start with 12 and get a demerit (subtraction)?

    “Demerit” suggests subtractions, but according to this site
    We will start on 0 points.

    TIA *Facepalm*

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    It is correct, you start with Zero and build up points. After 12 points in a 12 month period your license will be suspended. Company vehicles are effect differently, they need to pay 50% more if they dont elect a driver.

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    Why do I need a PDP if my drivers license states that I can drive a vehicle that weighs up to 16 tons?

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