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    Ndlovu Azolah

    Dear South African DoT representative.

    I’m originally from South Africa.Studying at University of Pittsburgh.When i came to the States i didn’t have a driver’s license,then i obtained it here in Washington.

    This coming December i’m coming back home for good.My driver’s expires on January,15, 2011.When i get home,what will be required from me to convert my US driver’s to a South African one?


    Ms A.Ndlovu

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    Ndlovu Azolah

    What will be required from me to convert my USA driver’s license to a South African one?

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    Ronald Sebaka

    I visited Uganda on official duties from 05 September 2010 to 10 December 2010 (96 days).I obtained Ugandan drivers license on 05 November 2010. On reaching South Africa I aproached Centurion testing centre to exchange it to a South African drivers license only to learn that it should be three unbroken months from the date of issue before flying back to my country RSA. IS THIS TRUE.

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    Im a holder of a UK and an SA passport, which makes me a dual national. Do i need to convert my UK license?

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