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    Robert Karelse

    On the 05/09/09 I went to JHB. I’ve received atraffic fine on my way. On the R24 FROM Rustenburg to JHB right until the 4-way intersection off Krugersdorp and Ventersdorp,there is no camera signs on the speed signs. On this road there are two places where trafic offersors trep with cameras.

    By law if traffic offersors trep with cameras there must be signs up that worn people about it. in this case there is not a single camera sign on R24 FROM JHB TO RUSTENBURG OR FROM RUSTENBURG TO JHB RIGHT UNTILL THE KRUGERSDORP 4-WAY-INTERSACTION.

    What can I do about this? On top of this the Offersor that pull me over did not have his Name bath on. When I aksed him why he don’t have a name bath on he reply that is not important and just swing A CARD WITH PHOTO I COULD NOT SEE A THING. When I asked him all these things I LET HIS PARTNER WRITE OUT THE FINE.

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