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    Thank you for the information on handling circles and in particular for the link to which provides a very clear insight into how a mini-circle works (I don’t think that many people are aware of this type of circle!).

    I do have one issue with your comments on signaling in a circle. You say: “Signal your intent to other drivers when entering, going around and exiting the circle”. Is this your policy or actual rules? My understanding is that you should signal when you LEAVE a circle and not before.

    What are you supposed to signal when you enter a circle? Do you signal ‘right’ to indicate that you are entering? If you do, this may confuse other drivers into believing that you are taking the first right out of the circle. Do you signal left or right (on entering) to let others know what you plan to do when you leave the circle. This will also add to the confusion. Finally do you indicate right at an off road to indicate to drivers entering at that road that you are not planning to take it (but potentially confusing drivers behind you!).

    No, the logical thing to do for ALL drivers is ONLY to indicate when leaving. If everyone did this, there would be no confusion!

    The problem, of course is that not all drivers know this rule (not surprising as I have not been able to find any formal rule to cover this issue) and thus as you go round a circle you often anger others entering who thought you may be going off at their off road.

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    John Summersell

    I do not understand why SA has conflicting requirements on round a bouts. As a member of ISO it is my understanding that SA should, not shall fall in line with international requirements. The motivation for this is that overseas visitors will all drive by the same norms. Why then are we different.

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