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    Good day, My daughter was driving in Percy Osborn Road, Morningside, and was hit by a car on 13/08/10. The driver, Biance Hunter, of the vehicle NUR33643, did not stop to exchange information. She stopped long enought to verbally abuse my daughter and drove off. She has not reported the accident. Confirmed by the Traffic Studies. I went to the Hillcrest Police station this morning and was told by Captain Mzimela that he would not open a case for me, because he would not do the work for my insurance. He argued with me that I had no reason to open such a case. I was very disturbed by his attitude. He was arrogant and disdainful.
    I went on the net and found your website and then phoned you, to establish my rights. Thank you so much. It was a pleasure to chat to you and confirm that we can open a case.
    Thank you.
    Kind regards
    Jenny Walker

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    Hi, I was also involved in a hit-and-run accident on the 01 April 2011, where a motor-cycle drove into my car.

    I was able to get the rider’s learners licence before he rode off. I reported the case at the nearest police station, and later was able to track down the driver.

    I laid a claim with my insurance which they did not cover as the damages were less that the excess. The biker pleaded with me not to take the matter further as he was scared of losing his job and said that he would pay me for the damages.

    This promise was not fulfilled. I got the registration numbers of the bike and checked who the registered owner was, and it turned out to be a company called Traxon Holdings in the East Rand. I contacted them and was told that they have a vehicle with that registration number but it was not a motorbike (registration cloning scam).

    The assistance I need is a service I can use to track down where the biker works by his ID number maybe as the registration number led to clues. That way I can contact the companies insurance and have this matter looked at, and hopefully resolved.

    Mr N Nyathi

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