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    You should check your facts before posting. Your headline gives the assumption of something more dramatic, i.e. a plane crash. The other reports I’ve read report the incident happened 2 hours out of Durban and no report of a crash or emergency landing (the plane took off on schedule back to Dubai the day as well).
    Also the plane was an Airbus 330.

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    That is the power of a headline! 🙂

    I believe the contents is correct – and the fact that 5 people were released today from hospital after injuries , does for me make this a crash – landing ..or emergency landing..

    If I managed to get you to visit the blog..I have achieved something…

    Happy Festive season!


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    Emirates does not fly 747s for passengers, they are only used for cargo. Maybe you meant 777?

    [Thanks – corrected – Airbus A330]

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