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    Concealing cameras is entrapment! Entrapment is illegal and punishable by law! Traffic regulation (not policing) should be executed to reduce or eliminate offences and accidents. This can be done by very high visible policing as is done in the Western Cape. The government promises to create more jobs, so here’s an area where more traffic regulating personnel can be employed. Traffic needs to be regulated, not policed. Also the hiding in the bush and handing out fines does not reduce or eliminate high speed driving because thats not its purpose, its purpose is to fill the municipalities coffers so it can be used to pay corrupt officials families and friends for tenders awarded to them. To truly reduce speeding, each vehicle must be fitted with a speed governing regulator that cannot exceed the limit in a speed zone, at this be enforced wirelessly by central speed zone control regulator in a data centre or wireless tower. Explanations for incompetency are not acceptable.

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