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    On 28 December the RTMC said:
    “Strict traffic measures come in the wake of about 840 deaths on the road and 282 000 motorists fined for speeding since December 1. Some 3200 drunk drivers had been arrested and 219 motorists had been arrested for reckless and negligence driving.”

    Today RTMC says:
    “840 people have been killed on the country’s roads since the beginning of the month. The Transport Department says more than 2 800 drivers have been arrested for drunk driving and speeding.”

    The RTMC could not be bothered to be precise. There is a big difference between “speeding” and “reckless and negligent”. So which is it? One is a benign transgression of an antiquated law, designed to generate income and the other is serious and costs lives.

    Think about it: 282 000 speeding fines at an average of R200 per fine is more than R56 million. That is an income worth lying and cheating for to protect, not so, RTMC?

    The Traffic Officers in the Eastern Cape engaged in a strike for a couple of days over Christmas. It would be interesting to see the accident statistics for the time they were on duty and the time they were not. I will put money on it that the lack of speed enforcement, when they were absent, made no difference, other than the paltry hundred and twenty thousand odd Rands per day they did not generate with speed fines.

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