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    Seen their million rand TV advert claiming they are the best of the best of transporting people around the country? Now that is misleading advertisement of the criminal kind. Also check our local customer website: and you will see that they have had 71 complaints about these crooks in the past year and ONLY 3 compliments…What a joke Road Link is, the link to HELL.

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    I was stuck in the traffic jam due to the fire.

    I am not surprised at the bus fire though. These buses are prone to overheating and drive with their rear engine bay doors OPEN, as I saw yesterday. This is acknowledgement that they are not designed for South African conditions, and should be removed from the road by the traffic authorities. The number plates and reflectors sometimes cannot be seen when the engine doors are open for cooling.

    Engine compartments should legally be enclosed, so many of the buses travelling the N3 route are in effect illegally on the road.

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