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    I would suggest that gender discrimination in vehicle insurance must first be stopped before they think about making it compulsory, at this stage most vehicle insurance feel they have the right to discriminate against men by making men pay R50-R100 per month more than women. The risk assessment show men claim more than women yet the risk assessment cannot prove why since they don’t have more information than that the members provide.
    The reason may be because men normally have the insurance on their name, most taxi, courier drivers are men, more male designated drivers can lead to more claims on men’s names. Dial direct, Auto and general, Budged, they all charge men more than women for no good reason other than amount of claims.
    I will never accept the compulsory insurance until government can stop the discrimination against men in this field. Anyone who don’t believe me can go get two quotes, one as woman, one as man, and see the difference. Insurance companies do not have enough data from their members to determine the reason why men claim more. If the insurance is on the husbands name, and the wife smash the car, the insurance see a man making the claim and see than man as the bigger risk. If the insurance is on the woman’s name, the chances is good they are at first for women, and not Budget or Dial direct. There are many reasons why men may claim more than women. So even if a man is very safe driver and never made an accident he will still pay more than women of the same physical risk. But which ever way. This discrimination must be stopped before any compulsory insurance should be considered! Vehicle insurances admit to the discrimination, but claim that they have the right to discriminate, which is unacceptable.

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    @Marius what are you on about. IT IS EVERY DRIVERS DUTY TO ENSURE THAT THEIR VEHICLE IS ENSURED. If you can afford a car and fuel you can afford insurance. Stop whining and get with the programme.

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