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    The laws are a joke to everyone. Why do we wait for such a tragedy before someone feels like acting on it. For all those people that still drive whilst talking or texting on their mobiles, that do not buckle up their children whilst driving, that drink and drive….. YOU decide if you want to be the cause for someone close or other family’s members to suffer…. YOU choose. Accidents happen when you least expect it!

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    Gigi Marie

    I think it is a tragedy to post these photos when people’s CHILDREN died in this event. It was no “accident” – it was a cab driver who went around a row of traffic, around the barrier, and tried to beat a train. Those babies died at the hands of a murderer, pure and simple. The headline should read “9 Babies Murdered by Cabbie” versus the benign, “9 die in accident”

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    Alida Jones

    Daily families are left with a permanent reminder of an accident that changed their lives forever. How many more accidents have to happen before everyone is going to take responsibility when they get in behind the controls of a vehicle. The saddest part is that an individual makes it his business to victimize a person who tries to make a difference in road safety just because they have a criminal record. What do you think of that.

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