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    Could not agree more !!

    The biggest commitment would need to come from the individual road users themselves as well as the traffic management authorities.

    Road users in general, tend to have a :”if there is no traffic officer in sight, then the laws don’t apply to me” attitude.

    Plus the fact that so many licenses have been obtained illegally the level of driver training is at an all time low.(I have seen several vehicles claiming to be driving school vehicles in the past few days with drivers under instruction, where both trainer and driver have not been wearing seatbelts, so how they got accreditation defies logic)

    An advanced driving course with properly accredited trainers should also be compulsory after obtaining ones ‘basic’ license.

    Secondly, the authorities need to commit to Road Safety as their priority, instead of profit generation.

    While acknowledging that speed is a factor, it is reckless and dangerous driving that is the major contributor to S.A.’s road carnage.

    Mobilise the traffic authorities and get them stopping moving violators and policing general dangerous driving, instead of spending so much time behind cameras making a quick buck.

    Cameras can however, be used to police many other offences other than speed, such as wearing of seatbelts, overtaking on the left, using incorrect lanes to turn from etc, so should not be restricted to just speed.

    Bring back the era of PATROL cars and BIKES and get policing instead of sitting on the sidelines.

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