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    Contrary to popular belief, the practice of motorcycles traveling between two lanes of traffic (better known as lane-splitting) is actually legal in South Africa.

    Article 298 of the National Road Traffic Regulations, 1999, allows a motorcycle to pass another vehicle in the same lane (either to the right or the left of the other vehicle, subject to certain provisions). Article 309 reiterates this, with the proviso that more than one motorcycle may not pass another vehicle at the same time.

    What is a contentious issue is the speed at which motorcycles lane-split. Some motorcyclists do this at high differential speeds (the speed difference between the motorcycle and the surrounding traffic), which is unsafe.

    The Think Bike Motorcycle Safety and Awareness campaign (which I am a member of), while upholding the right of motorcycles to lane-split, recommends a differential speed of no more that 20-25 km/h during lane-splitting (for example, if the surrounding traffic traveling at 20 km/h, the motorcycle should not be traveling faster than 40-45 km/h).

    At these speeds lane-splitting is reasonably safe, and it has the benefit of easing traffic congestion on the road. Think of it this way: every lane-splitting motorcycle is one less vehicle between you and your destination.

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