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    As long as people continue to blatantly flout the laws and the cops continue to elicit bribes, nothing will change.

    Yes, they stopped all these cars, but so what? The stats are down slightly, but that is probably because there is less money around, so fewer people are travelling.

    Just this past long weekend, I heard a person telling a colleague that he was doing 160km/h and a short while later was clocked at 140km/h but the cop just told him to “make a plan”. The driver paid a R50.00 bribe for what would have been a hefty fine, learns nothing about road safety and tomorrow goes and does the same thing because he knows he can get away with it.

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    Scary that the South African road deaths in December are not far off the total for the entire year for Australia and the carnage will continue for the next few weeks.

    Trevor’s comments are spot on. Stop corruption, enforce the law and behave responsibly.

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