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    I was unfortunately in this traffic jam caused by this accident.
    What was most disturbing, was the fact that a serious accident happened in front, still, some motorists made u-turns on the highway to avoid the traffic jam. Some blatantly drove across the highway (from the right hand lane to the far left) crossing over to the Old Pta road. What a frightening scene it was when we eventually drove passed the bakkie and seeing all the bodies and body-parts lying in the road. People, please drive safely. Accidents happen so quickly. Think of other motorists when you drive.

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    Car Sun Visor Prevents Sun Glare Accidents

    When are authorities going to clamp down on the wild driving of taxis and vehicles who carry many passengers at once ? A normal passenger car accident injures 2-4 people at a time yet a mini-bus taxi injures and kills 6 – 10 and often more. Its disgusting that these drivers literally get away with murder and yet so little is done to stop this flagrant disregard for road rules.

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