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    R Summers

    SEAT BELTS From my observation only 80% of drivers wear seat belts. The most shocking thing is that these drivers include the Police, Traffic Police, drivers of buses, taxis, and Government marked vehicles. Drive alive inform me that there are no statistics whether drivers and passengers were wearing seat belts when involved in an accident. Can one assume that Mandela’s granddaughter was not wearing a seat belt? It is usually impossible for anybody to be thrown from a vehicle if a seat belt is worn. And that is where most of the deaths and serious injuries occur. There should be much more advertisements on the dangers of not wearing seat belts and the penalties. In my opiniion no Insurance Company, nor the Road Accident Fund, should be allowed to pay any compensation if the driver and passengers failed to wear seat belts. Until there is strict law enforcement in South Africa people will continue to get away with murder.

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