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    I used the R511 road again this Saturday (26-11-2011) after avoiding it for 18 months. It seems as if whoever is responsible for ensuring that the roads we use are in good conditions does not care about what happens in this particular road. Accoeding to me, there are no major changes regarding the potholes on this road compared to the last time I used it.

    Who can we contact for them to attend to this disaster ?

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    We used this road from Thabazimbi to Brits, for the first (and last)time, on 26th December. It cost us two tyres. I wonder how many people have paid with their lives?There is a huge focus on driver and vehicle safety, but what about councils being forced to fix the roads? The council must have personal knowledge about the disgraceful condition of the road as the Dept of roads and public transport is on the same road! They owe me R3200 and I want it back !

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