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    What amazes me is that neither the pedestrian nor the chap walking out with a clipboard in his hands goes to find out ifhe can help anyone. It’s like nobody cares. Disguating.

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    Medicare EMR

    Ladies & Gents, this discussion will be moving over to a new link, please be patient as we prepare the information that was documented by this exercise.

    Due to the nature of the situation and Stan’s decision to head up the entire investigat…ion as an expert and a police reservist, he now has to exclude himself from the threads and posts for legal reasons.

    However, while we were on scene, we took the opportunity to do a little investigation of our own and have taken our own evidence gathered and are preparing our findings for you. Please note that our views might not be one that is shared by Stan, who is an expert, and that of the police.

    Our findings will be up for scrutiny, but let me warn you that Stan and Jackie are a kick ass team and the best teachers you’ll get! So watch this space!!

    Thank you,

    MEDICARE EMR, Franschhoek

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