The Road Safety Blog is maintained by Johan Jonck

Johan Jonck is the owner of the webdomain www.arrivealive.co.za – a website developed and maintained as a private initiative to enhance awareness of road safety – especially in South Africa.

I lost my mom in a car accident at the age of 2 years – and believe that even though we might not all have the money to provide funding for road safety initiatives – we can all contribute by way of intellectual capital and the sharing of ideas, recommendations etc.

The Arrive Alive Road Safety website received recognition when the South African Guild of Motoring Journalist awarded the 2007 Road Safety achievement award to this initiative.

I am not a techie myself – having read law and lectured in criminal law – I do however believe that if we acknowledge our limitations – and seek assistance from the wider blogging community – and also give credit to others – we can gather all the expertise out there and achieve the ultimate goal – greater road safety!

What drives me? – a quote I gathered from the movie Emperors Club – my interpretation- ” No matter how much you might have conquered – If you have not left behind a contribution – it is all meaningless…


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