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    How old must you be to get a PDP and how long must u wait before you get your Pdp.

    Thank you

    Mr R van den Heever

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    Can and how does an international obtain a prdp??

    I am an Australian citizen trying to become a nature guide here in South Africa. Guides drive paying guests around private reserves and may obtain monetry gain from it(tips). Do nature guides then require a prdp and how would I go about getting a prdp if I am an Aus citizen??

    Please, if anyone could advise, it would be much appreciated!

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    Corné Marx

    The foremen in our company sometimes transports some of our employees on their bakkies. Do they need a PrDP to do so?
    Does it depend on how many they transport? Does this also count as “for gain” even though they do not pay, because it is company transport?

    Please help?

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    i am situated in the Western Cape Province,would like to know what is the cost of the pdp licence?

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    Where i Gauteng can i go to get a PDP and how much is it?

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    i would like to know at what age i can get a pdp licence as i need it for field guiding.

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    do i need a pdp on a private reserve game farm

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    how will the demerits work as regards speed cameras , what if someone else is driving your car? they speed you get the demerit? also some of these speed cameras seem to be illegally operated (see special assignment on TV )

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    If I drive a mini-bus(work bus) and have to transport +/- 10 peopol to site every day do I need a PDP


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    Do you need a pdp licence to drive a 1,7 ton delery van. its used to transport food items??

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    Dear Sir

    I need to send a driver for a PDP in Gauteng. I need to know the total costs.

    (You will have to take you ID, 4 photos and complete form PD1 at the DLTC. Once you have paid the application fee you will be issued with a form MC that has to be completed by a medical practitioner. You will also be referred to the nearest SAPS station for a criminal record check.)

    Please also help me with the accronyms above. (DLTC and MC)

    Your help is much appreciated.

    Kind Regards

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    i also deliver dangerous goods. what safety features do i need on my delivery vehicle.

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    dear sir/madam i am from west rand and would like to get a pdp permit how do i go about appling for one and what is the cost of the permit in the west rand area like krugersdorp and how long would it take me and what do i need to know for the test thank you

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    Help , need some advice.

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    I need to obtain my PdP, the problem is that before my priorities were in a row, I had managed to get myself into trouble with the law, and subsequently have a reckless endangerment record because of speeding, this was about two years ago, and the record is still there. I bought a motorcycle that I thought would be fun, but it’s been more hassle than anything else and way too fast. So my company has told me that I HAVE to get a PdP and that my job is on the line according to their policies, I understand that because I have to be able to drive out van to do my job .. WHAT CAN I DO, someone suggested a letter from my company to the chief licensing officer motivating why I should get my PdP.

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    Do I need to have a pdp/prdp license to transport +/-10 people to a place every sunday about 2km from the starting point?

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    Is a PDP needed to drive a quantum minbus if i am an teacher ? I definitely do not generate an income if children is transported.

    Thank You Gielie Kruger

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    Larraine Chambers

    How old must one be to apply and get your PDP?


    Larraine Chambers

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    Hi,I’m lifa i did my PDP on February 2010 but even now i didn’t get it what must i do

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    Please advise what is the cost of a PrDP in Western Cape. I drive a Condor – is a training certificate needed?

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    can i still get my pdp if there is a fine in my name that has not yet been paid for?

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    colleen breedt

    Do you need a PDP licence when driving a Toyota Quantum. We are a home for mentally challenged and transport mentally challenged residents, do we require a PDP licence when transporting these residents?

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    how much does a pdrp cost i stay in mitchells plain cape town

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    Marchelle Looch

    At what age can I get a PDP?

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    Do I need a PDP if I transport employees or other people’s children during working hours

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    Hi could you inform me of the PDP rates in Bloemfontein.
    How long does it take for me to have a legal PDP and can I have a temporary one to use as I will be travelling?

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    We currently have a number of Toyota Quantums transporting staff members to and from there place of work. What licence code is reqiured and does the driver require a PDP.What are the complications if he does not have a PDP.

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    Volvo trucks

    This PrDP system will ensure passenger safety because all the registered members checked for criminal record and their ability for driving safely.

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    What is the requirements for needing a PdP.I have 3 delivery vehicles running everyday we deliver electrical components do the drivers need to apply for a PdP

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    I am in Brackenfell, Western Cape & I would like to know what the cost is for a PDP?


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    I am based in Gauteng province, i would like to know the cost of PrDP and the testing stations available for this here in Gauteng/johannesberg.
    i would like to hear from you.

    Many thanks

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    How much would it cost to renew a pdp in the Western Cape?

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    What must a driver do. When he must offloading in a urban place where there are no offloading zones and even the place where he is suppose to offload cannot except the hole 22m long truck.
    The driver must offhook outside and take the 6m empty it, then the 12m. When every thing is finish and he wanted to go. Then a traffic officer came and give him a fine. PARK ON THE SIDEWALK / Or PARK ON THE YELLOW LINE. And there are no sidewalks or yellow line in Manchester road Pinetown.

    TRucks are 22meters long,it takes two lane to turn,and carry 56 tons. And the traffic officers see us as a soft target.Because truck drivers are all over the country.And it is very difficult for them to pay such fines in the necesary provinces.


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    Margaret Bothma

    We need to employ someone to drive our busses (40 seater) and (24 seater)with children in. Could you tell me what code licence is required before we send him for a PRDP?

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    id like to find out how much it cost to renew a pdp

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    Hi, if I use a vehicle for light delivery and removals do I need the PDP? What will it cost in Cape Town – Ottery?


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    How many passengers quilify a driver for a PrDP?

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    What is the cost to obtain a PrDP in Gauteng?

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    Andrias Mayaba

    I wish to know a cost of pdp and how long can be take to expering from all department of licence.

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    Hi, If ive got a code 10 licence and drive a 5 and half tone truck for personal use do i need a pdp?

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    Darren Bruce-Brand

    Hi guys,

    I am 27 years old and I coach the Paarl Boys High Squash Team. We tour the country on a standard school mini bus, we are never more than 12 people on the bus.

    I would like to get the required license to be able to drive the bus. What license do I need and what will it cost in Paarl?

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