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    Bikers are such twits, really they are. Cheapskates, too. Every time I see one of these idiots smeared all over the road owing to their own stupidity, I feel sorry for their families but nothing at all for them.

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    While i also think any violence is deplorable, i do feel that this story is misrepresented somewhat.

    Ms Anita Heyl misrepresents the current tate of affairs rather badly. There is no “debate around the classification of vehicles for tolling purposes”, there isn’t any.

    And i’m very curious about some of the charity claims they make. “Supporting” and actually doing something to assist are 2 different things.

    This is an issue that has been willfully ignored for years.

    As to “legal tender” …. since WHEN is a R1 NOT legal tender? I find that highly alarming. The toll booths not only want a lot of money, they want specific denominiation too?

    Toll booths are, and will be the death of travel in south africa. Drive to durbs, you’ll spend more on toll than petrol. Drive to cape town, and even if you pay toll you still end with several hundred kilometres of really bad roads.

    This country and it’s infrastructure belong to all of us, and while these bandits continue to fleece travellers without any controls, there will be opposition.

    Next we’ll have gangs asking you for “toll fees” when you go to your corner cafe. It IS the same thing.

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    Donovan needs to catch a wake up.!!
    The point is that a 4×4 pulling a trailer with THREE superbikes loaded onto it pays the same toll as a single bike.
    Come on guys. Thats just not fair in any ones language.
    How could a single bike cause as much damage to the road as the 4×4 withg trailer.
    The TRAC spokes person clearly has other fish to fry – a 200kg bike cannot cause the same damage as a 1.5ton 4×4 with a trailer of 400KG weight and three bikes, another 600kg. That’s 2500kg against 200kg – Someone needs to do the maths here. This is just a cover up – as usual.
    I don’t condone mass violence a means to fixing problems but I can understand the frustration of just being ignored by these clots.

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    Donovan, That is a very open remark, maybe we should classify you in a category, namely “Twits inc”

    how the hell can you make such a statement.

    I feel for the Bikers, and the way they get ripped off, now not only at Toll gates, but with people like Donovan driving cars.

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    it’s actually so simple.

    since bikers often just drive through without paying – now the norm rather than the exception (I haven’t paid for at least 5 years now) – even a small amount from them would be better than nothing. OK granted their quantity is low as mentioned in the article.

    also, bikers would like to feel as though they have contributed – this is normal human psychology, although as we can see here, some struggle to make it into the category “human”. Interesting angle in the article about all the other maintenance, not just road surface. dead animals, yuk.

    simple solution: SANRAL makes one of the lanes narrower (there are always some unused lanes at every toll plaza) with a simple wooden structure. Big sign overhead: Motorcycles. or BIKES. but then where would the Harleys go? OK only kidding, they can be allowed to be bikes the same as these Middelburg bikers can be allowed to be humans. I’d prefer some carpet material or similar on the sides so as to not scratch my panniers. Basket for coins if the biker wishes to donate. Better put a chute on the bottom, otherwise the Harley guys sorry i mean some okes may help themselves a bit there. and this narrower BIKES lane is open, no boom. could have a speed bump, otherwise some asshole on a fireblade will go through at 180.

    i bet many bikers would chuck 5 rand coin or whatever in there; better than 43 or 36 or other outrageous amount they are charging these days.

    Now everyone is happy: bikers got their recognition of having smaller footprint on the road; SANRAL makes a little something; irritating siren does not go off every time a bike drives through without paying.

    to finance this small amount, Think Bike could easily get enough donations from us thugs sorry i mean bikers. they make a bit from the interest.

    we share the cost of putting them in 50/50 with SANRAL.

    what you reckon ?

    too simple, too cheap. sigh.

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    While I fully understand the frustration of fellow bikers, I still feel that any animosity should be directed at the people that actually can do something about it – the owners of the road, who also happen to be the law makers, in this case the Roads Agency.
    I fully share your sentiment that a bike can impossibly cause as much damage to the road as a car, but the fact is that TRAC only does what they are told. Keep in mind that TRAC has supported us by way of sposorship on economy runs etc.
    I do not use the N4 towards Witbank on a daily basis, but when I do, it is a pleasant drive.

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    steve (another one)

    The idea of paying toll fees is good, but the method used for collecting it simply is not practical from a motorcycling point of view.

    The mere fact that one has to stop on an oily surface that can lead to a foot slipping out from under the rider, then having to remove a glove and dig into a pocket is time consuming and if it is raining the amount of clothing to be unzipped is doubled.

    I say leave a gap in the boom and allow motorcyclists free passage for the sake of not inconveniencing other road users.

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    As a road user everbody needs to pay, no freeby. The question of the amount is debateable. The different classes have been set and to nit pick about what you believe your mode of transport should pay is childish. All motorist could then come with the same argument of small cars such as a Smart or Citi Golf versus a Range Rover or Hummer, or a venter trailer versus a Penta caravan. The payment method possibly needs some work that a similar system to the e-tag being used on the N1 to Polokwane. The complain about having to open a zip or oily surface is petty. Motorist and truck drivers also have issues such as booth being to high or to low.

    But beware as I believe that our other roads around Gauteng are going to become toll roads as well.

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    What a bunch of hooligans.
    If this is the way they behave then no sympathy from me – hope they kill themselves, at least it’s 1 idiot less on the roads…

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    Hey guys here is 10 reasons why bikes are better than cars.

    1. Bikes take up less parking space in comparison to a car. Make more use of a garage, buy motorcycles.

    2. Motorbikes use less petrol. Only costs a couple of bucks to fill the tank.

    3. Motorcycles are more powerful than cars. Of course some cars can keep up with a Hayabusa, but not many and can cost as much as 20 times the price of a bike.

    4. You could rebuild a motorcycle if you had the mechanical knowledge, and you wont have to do much body work.

    5. Motorcycles cost less than cars. Some classic bikes and collectors items can often be bought for the price of a simple standard used car.

    6. Motorbike riders are safer, you don’t see riders texting on their phones while riding.

    7. Riding with a partner can be really cozy. If you want to get little closer to your passenger, brake a little harder at the next stop.

    8. Motorcycles get you out in the open fresh air. Smell sea when riding along the coast and not the scent of the fish you bought for dinner in the cars boot.

    9. Motorcycles are more ozone friendly.Less green house gases polluting our world.

    10. And Best of all, there has never been a recall for unintended motorcycle acceleration.

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    “tp”, I am a biker – I think we should meet.!!!! You need a good talking to..!!! I bet you are one of those idiots that thinks he owns the road..!!! Bikers like that give us other bikers a bad name, but we are frustrated about this. There is however no need for your comment.

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    the truth of the matter is that even overloaded light vehicles damage road pavements in a small way, in fact no more than a cent or two per kilometre travelled, at most.

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