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    clive prince

    is it legal drive with your foglamps on under normal driving conditions? These lights are extremely bright and causes a blinding glare day and night. If not legal please run awareness campiagn to inform motorist about laws regarding fog lamps. Some cars are even using blue and yellow lights.

    thank you

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    With regard to speed restrictions on the N2,where should the signage appear indicating when the speed restiction reducing
    the speed from 120km/hr to 100km/hr is applicable?Is the restriction from the point where the sign appears or is it in front of the sign?If the restriction applies in front of the sign then how far in front?Could it be 200m in front?!!In other
    words they can place a camera 200m in front of a sign and trap you before you think you need to comply.

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    I need a full description of a Provincial Monitor with respect to the application and monitoring of the NRTA of 1996 Act 93

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    Can you please advise what are the rules for Heavy duty vehicles on the road over the Xmas and New Year period?

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    i am from namibia ministry of works and transprt i would like you to e-mail the south african road taffic and transport rules and regulations and act especially those that are activated as we are trying to harmonise with south african standards and SADC countries as a whole or smply a web site where i can have access to go through. my work address is
    tel: 00-264-61-2088161
    Ministry of Works and Transport
    Private Ba 13341

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    driving school redditch

    Traffic rules are created and implemented for the good of the drivers and the people in a country. As a result there are organized roads. It also prevent accidents and casualties.

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    Hi, Can you please let me know what the law is on drivers from other countries. I have heard that there is a new law that says their licince is not valid if they are in the country for more than 5 years, is this the case. Where can I read up on these laws.

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    can a traffic cop take your company vehicle’s(Quantum Panel VAN) license disc, hand a document to say it must go for a roadworthy and give no reason for the test???

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    can you plaese let me know on isseus of parking on a parking bay that has no meter and you are issued a teckit?

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    Kindly infom me if a person may park his vehicle right infront of our gate in a narrow residential road

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    Hi As from my point of view.
    All Big Transport Company,s must closed down on the 15th Desember each year.
    And reopen on the 15th or 29th January.

    I believed that it will bring the accident rate down with atlease 10%

    It is a fact that most of the truck accident happend in these Month. Begin in October,November,Desember end in January.

    And ja we can work things out.


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    Henry Pretorius

    To whom it may concern.

    I would want to know were can I download the South African Road Traffic and Transport Rules,Regulations and Act especially for companies that transport their own manufactured goods that is classiefied as dangerous goods. How will I then know if anything was ammended in the future if I download the current Act. Is their away to keep us informed of any changes. Will the info I downloaded include the requirements for our company’s vehicles to cross over in to our neighbouring countries.Will this info also include the minimum requirements for dangerous goods vehicles and the structual requirements aswell.

    Please contact me as we require this information and see it as a major part of our company’s standards.

    Thank you.


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    As dit ‘n publieke vakansiedag (1 Januarie 2012) was en die spoedgrens is verlaag van 120km/u na 60km/u op ‘n openbare pad (N1) weens padwerke, maar geen padwerkers werk die dag nie en daar is geen gevaar soos o.a ‘n ry/stop of slaggate wat gevul moet word nie en die pad is gemerk met al sy strepe en daar sit ‘n verkeersbeampte agter ‘n boom met sy laser en vang mense vir spoed, wat is die spoedgrens wat dan gehandhaaf moet word? Is dit 60 km/u of 120 km/u? Daar is dan geen padwerkers in sig nie. Moet die 60 km/u bordjie dan nie verwyder word en normale spoed gehandhaaf word aangesien daar geen padwerkers is die hele dag en dit geen padgevaar inhou vir die motoriste nie? En indien die spoedgrens wel 60km/u sou wees daardie dag en motoriste het ‘n spoed gehandhaaf van 120km/u, wat sal die nagevolge wees, m.a.w watter oortreding sal geld?

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