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    We have a similar issue. My wifes wallet was stolen in the Netherlands, inside where her bank cards and drivers license. We are trying to convert her license as we will be here for minimum of 5 years. She also has an international drivers permit. She is however no allowed to convert her license without surrendering her license card. We are in a catch 22. We have sent several emails to the the Road Traffic Management but are still to receive a single response.

    We are also unable to travel so SA untill late next year.

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    There is a procedure that could assist.

    We would need Pierre’s wife’s ID number to check the validity period of the driving licence and where it was issued. Once this is established EnaTIS could provide further information.

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    I have just found my license and it has expired ages ago(2005). Will I be able to renew it remotely, have my id still and have been travelling for the past few years. Help! Note: I am now based in the UK and really am not keen on missioning back to sa just for this.



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    A driving licence cannot be renewed from abroad. However you may contact the RTMC ( for a confirmation letter which can be used in the UK for exchange to a UK licence.

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    Well I’m in a bit of a pickle as my license expired a few months ago and i’m not going back to SA for at least another year. I managed to get my Letter of Entitlement from RTMC to exchange my license to a Britsh license. I went to the DVLA and waited, as you do, with everything ready only to be told that they no longer except expired SA drivers license’s. So what does that mean for me now?

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    Kathaleen Marshall

    To whom it may concern

    I am a South African living and teaching at the moment in Italy. My credit card drivers license is going to be expiring at the end of this month. I am sadly not in a position to renew it as I will not be returning during this month nor till the end of this year. How can I renew it from here. Can you send me the possible forms and I will forward the required documentation to friend. You will already have the necessary details required in you system as far as fingerprints are concerned.

    Please could you kindly assist me.

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    To whom it may Concern

    Im sitting with a issue at the Moment. I am living in the UK and was using my south African drivers license until now, on my drivers card it expired on the 7th October 2010. I want to Convert my License to a British License but they will only Except a Valid one. My Question is…If i go to South Africa will they renew my License even though it expired? Please Help Help Help!!!

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    We are in Brazil currently and have 18 months left, we are diplomats at the South African Emabassy te Brasilia. My drivers license exp. March 2011. What can I do?

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    We live in Brasilia, South America, we are stationed here at the South African Embassy as diplomats. My South African drivers license exp. in March 2011 and my International Driving Permit exp 15 Feb. 2011. We obtained these Driving Permits with the AA office in Menlyn, South Africa before we left for Braslia. Please assist me

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    Hi all,

    Has anyone figured out what we need to do in order to receive a renewed drivers licence abroad.

    I need to convert my SA drivers to a UK drivers ASAP, however my SA drivers is expired as of 13/2/2011, hence is not accepted by UK DVLA.

    I have no idea as to what needs to be done, can anyone please help!! Thanks,


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    Email the link and they will send a certificate confirming your license particulars.

    When you have the certificate (I received mine within 2 weeks to the UK) you take it to your local DVLA (or similar dept.) and they should convert it no problems.

    I can only speak from my experiance and I am now permanently based in the UK.

    The UK DVLA charges the full price of getting a drivers (mine was £40 and I recieved my FULL UK drivers in a week.

    If you are not returning to SA or only for a holiday, you do not need a INTL license unless you are there for longer then 6 months.

    Hope it helps


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    I am a Portuguese citizen with South African residency, currently living in Australia. I am trying to do my drivers test here in Australia. Unfortunately the name on my drivers car does not match that which is on my passport or my South African ID, as it has been abbreviated.

    How do I go about getting some sort of a confirmation letter to say that the name on my drivers card is the same person that is on my South African ID ?

    Without this confirmation I will be unable to convert my licence to a full Australian licence.

    Please help, I desperately need to get my licence converted ASAP !

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    Shirley Freeth

    PLEASE can anyone help … my son has had everything of importance to him stolen in London on Christmas night … how do I get the number of his SA driving licence? I have his ID number … any advice appreciated .. thanks

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    It will be interesting to see what the constitution says, surely every South African has the right to a driver’s license unless they have been disqualified by a court of law? Something similar to a passport. If the government feels it necessary to renew it every x number of years one should be able to do it at an embassy or consulate.

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