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    Good day,

    Can somebody please tell us what happend in the track/car accident 28 February 2010 near Winburg where 2 people died?

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    I also would like to know. It was terrible!!!!

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    Two ladies was traveling from Jhb to Bloemfontein in a white city golf. Apparently the driver of the white city golf, lost control over the car and went into upcoming trafic lane. The golf crashed head to head with a 34 ton truck and the car was tawrned into two pieces.

    The driver and the passenger of the white golf was killed by impact

    The 2 persons that passed away was my family members

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    Our prayers go out to you and your family. May God be with you at this time.


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    thank you so much

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    HI There…
    We drove past it a few min after it had happened. Both my husband and I kept quiet all the way back. Was terrible. Our thoughts are with the family!!

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    Thanks for all the prayers we recieved in the last couple of days..Its was a big loss to us. If there is anyone that passed the accident adn have taken fotos or can tell me more, please i would apreciate it.

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    My thoughts to you and your family.

    I also drove past a few minutes after. There were no emergency vehicles at the scene yet. Only about two cars that stopped and someone partially covered one body with a blanket. It was horrible. What I saw is still printed into my brain. I always complained about the emergency people parking all over so traffic can barely pass. Now I appreciate because people do not want to see. You do not want to see photo’s. I followed this story to find out more because I do not want that to happen to me or anyone else.

    We must be greatful that there are people who can handle the clearing up after such an accident.

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    Dear sir/madam
    I have a concept of a device that can protect people during the accident, now I want an appropriate institution that can help me to do the research(practical tests) if there is no such institution I would prefer approvals from any establishment in this field.
    so I am humble asking your advise in this confusion, it real fustrating to possess this confusion while knowing that more than a good business this will protect peoples lives. please help!!

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    That is quite a shocker. Such a tragic incident. Prayers to her and family.

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    it was terrible l was on the scene wth 911

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